Through Albacken to Döda Fallet and the Thai Pavillion

This is a one day trip from Bräcke and back.
You can easily have a nice breakfast at the hotel first, then head off for your adventure through: Albacken, Thai Pavilion, Döda Fallet and Håsjö.

The highlight of this trip might be Döda Fallet, but on the way there, you will see a few fun things. Start your trip from Bräcke, heading towards Albacken.
Everyone wants to get THAT great Instagram shot when traveling, guess what? In Albacken you will get have at least 1 opportunity to do that. First you can stop [ HERE ] and have a look at the river Gimån as well as a house built in the middle of white waterfalls water, connected to main land by a picturesque little bridge. There is also a picnic area here, with a table and a BBQ spot. This is a beautiful spot, easily accessible all year round.


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Just a few hundred meters further down the road, you will get to the Instagram spot [ HERE ]. A bridge over the river, with a view like no where else. On top of that, near by you will find a football field, great beaches for swimming, and a few short nature trails. Of course picnic spots are available in several places around this area, so pick the one you like best.

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To get to our next destination, let’s head further though Albacken and Sörbygden to arrive in … at the Royal Thai Pavilion [ park your car here ] which is also very close to a nice kids playground. Located only 3km from the boarder between Jämtland and Vasternorralnd this is the only Thai temple outside of Thailand.  It was built exactly 100 years after the visit of King Rama V of Siam to the Area. A beautiful building surrounded by a luscious green garden with ponds and exotic looking bridges. To top up the experience try real Thai quinine in the restaurant located adjacent to the pavilion.

Thai Pavilion near Döda Fallet

You can read more about the history of this building as well as opening hours on their website [ HERE ].

Now that you have eaten at least once along your way it is time to head to Döda Fallet,
the waterfalls that is there no more.


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You can walk the trails from April to November and even get a guided tour from June till August. Park your car here and enjoy the walk!

Here is a brief history of this incredible place: a local merchant and home-grown engineer, Magnus Huss, became famous here in 1796 for causing the biggest natural catastrophe in Swedish history ( so far 😉 ). The 30-meter-high Storforsen Waterfall was a significant obstacle to the economic development of the region, as it prevented the direct flow of timber from Jämtland’s forests to the port of Sundsvall. Floated wooden logs fell from a height of 30 meters and crashed against the rocks. The above-mentioned merchant from Sundsvall decided to find a remedy this this problem, planning to dig the sandy embankment closing the lake from the south and constituting a natural dam. In this way, he wanted to slow down the current of the river.

When the spring thaw came, the water level was exceptionally high. The weakened natural dam could not withstand the pressure of the ice floe. A billion cubic meters of water fell down, destroying fields, buildings, farms and mills along the way. The lake emptied completely in four hours. Hundreds of salmon hung from the trees. Fortunately, no one was killed. Today, the area is called Döda Fallet, which simply means Dead Waterfall, and is a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Looking at the Döda Fallet and recalling the history of the Vasa Ship, one has an impression that the phrase ”What a beautiful catastrophe” has no Greek origins, but Swedish.

It is probably getting dark by now, unless you are visiting us in June & July, when it is light all day and all night!

In this case, on the way back to the hotel in Bräcke you can also see Håsjö church. Roger Strandberg describes it nicely in his post, so here it is for you to read:

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I hope that you have enjoyed your trip today! Look through our ACTIVITIES tab for more fun things to do while you are visiting us in Bräcke. Don’t forget we have a sauna at the hotel, that you are most welcome to use. Call the reception to book a time which is most suitable for you to enjoy it. See you tomorrow at breakfast… unless you don’t have a room with us yet? No worries, you can book your room now.

With love,
Team Jämtkrogen