Safari in winter wonderland

Jämtland snowmobile safaris are definitely an unforgettable adventure.

Riding freely in the white snow, having a chance to meet moose and reindeer or warming up by the fire place build build memories for a lifetime. All trips are customized to suit the physical condition of the participants as well as the weather conditions.

Jämtland Snowmobile Safari is an outdoors trip that can take place in the winter and early spring, when our region has a good coat of snow.

The guided ride takes you across frozen lakes, entering tracks in local forests and experiencing areas of nature often only accessible in the wintertime. If you are lucky you might even get to see reindeer and the northern lights! For those who have had previous experience with snowmobiles and motor bikes we have an option to ride a snow bike. If you seek even more adrenaline, we can take you to ride in deep snow off tracks, night riding or even for an overnight in the woods. All trips are designed for you to have a good time and to see the most beautiful tracks of our region.

Snowmobiles are a fun and easy motor sport for groups and individuals. Our guests often choose this activity connected with a weekend stay or as a part of their conference package.

The trip is planned to be much fun, so don’t forget to take a camera and catch the moment to share it with your friends and family. It is important to stay warm during your trip so please remember to wear suitable undergarments, outdoor outfit, gloves, hat, goggles, winter shoes. If you would like us to help you choose the right outfit, further customize you trip or have any questions about it feel free to contact us at any time. We can also rent clothing to you from 250kr per person.

Your adventure will include:
– snowmobile rental,
– insurance and liability,
– guide,
– coffee, snack and lunch break.

Price: from 1900kr
Most snowmobiles have the possibility to take a passenger. If you would like to be two people on a snowmobile, the fee is +700kr. After your ride you can enjoy our sauna at the hotel, have a good dinner at our restaurant and perhaps try a few local craft beers or forest fruit juices? You can read about other activities in the area and at the hotel here.

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Are you a team of experienced riders, that have already been on snowmobiles before or perhaps you would like to rent out snowmobiles to join a group from Bräcke? You can rent snowmobiles without a guide too.

Experienced Rider’s Adventure

Do you have friends in the area and want to join them on your own machine? Are you an experienced rider who wants to have fun and go along your own plan? It is also possible to rent a snowmobile without a guide. We have a few options:

Price: from 1000kr
1 day rental of a 2-stroke Lynx Adventure 550, can seat 1-2 riders. Includes insurance.

Price: from 1000kr
1 day rental of a 4-stroke Lynx Adventure 600 ACE, can seat 1-2 riders. Includes insurance.

Price: from 250kr
In case you need some extra clothing for your snowmobile adventure, we have the possibility to rent clothes & helmet or other accessories, according to availability.

Self risk is always up to 10 000 kr.

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